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At Obscura, our mission is to create a product for the everyday content creator that they know they can rely on. Based out of New York, we know all about the hard work and hustle that filmmakers, photographers, and content creators put in on a daily basis. Because of this, we brought a no-nonsense product to the table that we are extremely excited about.
Obscura is your go-to all purpose equipment cleaner that can handle any situation. Whether your gear gets covered in sand from a desert shoot, mud from a dirtbike track, or you just simply want to clean your gear from the everyday sweat, dirt, and grime your equipment sees, Obscura cuts through it all with ease.
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Obscura Equipment Cleaning Solution

About Obscura

About Obscura

My name is Sam Schwartz, and I am the creator and owner of Obscura. I have been in the filmmaking world for 15 years. It is my passion. My company has produced automotive videos, wedding videos, commercials, and films for clients around the globe. Throughout all of these years, from all of the places I have traveled, and all the jobs I have done, I have never seen a truly dedicated equipment cleaning product for our field. There are of course your general cleaning solutions, but not one specifically created with our gear in mind. This is how Obscura was created.

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